5 Tips for the Perfect Interview


So you’ve filled out that job application. Congrats! I hate to break it to you, though, that was the easy part. Now you’ve been called in for an interview. This is where you make it or break it. This is where absolutely everything you do is scrutinized and judged. So here 5 things you need to keep in mind when going in for an interview for that perfect job.


Research the position and business ahead of time.


You don’t want to walk into that job interview blindly. Be prepared to know what you’ve applied for and figure out how your talents could be of use to their business. Know what the business does. The interviewer will always ask if you’ve glanced around the website or know anything about the position or business. The more you know, the less time they have to spend trying to explain everything.


Dress professionally.


I’m sorry, no. You can’t walk in to meet your future boss while wearing your super comfy pajama pants and Pink Floyd t-shirt. You might get cool points for liking Pink Floyd, but that doesn’t count. Be sure to “dress to impress.” Girls, stick to a suit or business dress and light jewelry. Don’t let that skirt be too short or your top too low. Boys, a suit is your best option.


Listen to your mom and kindergarten teacher.


Sit up straight, no chewing gum, be polite, don’t talk back, don’t interrupt. You know all these. Seriously, mother actually knows best, and applying these life lessons to your interview show your potential new job that you’re able to behave and are considerate.


Shake hands right off the bat.


Even if you don’t like touching people or being around people, starting your interview with a firm handshake shows you’re approachable and interested. Also make sure to call your interviewer by the name they use to introduce themselves. If his says his name is Slartibartfast, you be sure to call him Slartibartfast. And also don’t laugh. He’s sensitive about that.

Bring a hardcopy of your resume and be prepared for the obvious questions.


Potential employers usually have a copy of your resume, but they always like to see a candidate come in with fancy watermarked ones. It shows them that this candidate is highly interested and motivated. Also look up common interview questions and be prepared to answer them. Every interview has a few of the same questions, so make sure you can answer those.

Alright! You’re prepared, you have your resume in hand, you’ve spit out your gum, and look great! You’re gonna blow that interview out of the water!