employer App

A Mobile App for Finding Employees in Restaurant, Hospitality, Retail and Customer Service

Heat up your hiring process with BlazeJobs. Our new mobile app is the online hub for star-crossed connections with your next employee.

Why Us?

With over 20 years combined experience in hiring employees for companies ranging from local businesses to large corporations, our team recognizes the importance of easing your HR department’s stress, successfully developing teams and on-boarding new employees.

When the app is used in its full functionality, the success speaks for itself. BlazeJobs mobile app offers the precision of our matchmaking experience and our easy-to-use dashboard. Combined with our undying support to our customers, it’s sure to be an experience of ‘love at first sight’.

Put that pint of ice cream down. BlazeJobs is your 21st century solution to heartbreaking high turnover hiring woes.

Get Started!

  • Match Making: You see the job seekers that fit your criteria, and only those seekers
  • Dashboard: Add new posts and check on current statuses
  • Mobile: Easily interact with job seekers on-the-go
  • Notifications: Know immediately when you get a new match
  • Scheduling: Create available time slots for interviews
  • Reminders: Automated calendar reminders of upcoming interviews
  • Geo-Location: Only show up to job seekers within your locale
  • Easy On/Off Positions: Create a job post once. Turn it on or off with the swipe of a button