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How do I get started?

Simply download the app and set up your login information! From that point you can either start listing jobs if you’re an employer or start finding jobs if you’re a job seeker.

How does it work?

BlazeJobs utilizes geo-location to find the best jobs and top candidates for your needs! The app not only matches job seekers with employers based on geo-location but also matches them based on skill sets and previous employment.




How do I set up my company profile?

From the navigation bar you will be able to access the “Company Profile” feature. Click here and you can make adjustments to your company profile. Upload the company logo, list your company industry, provide your address, a description of your business, as well as any company perks.

Why do I need a profile?

A profile allows job seekers to learn who you are! Let them know what sort of business you are! Providing company perks is a big thing here, too. A job seeker is going to be more interested in your job if you offer some fun perks!

How do I find candidate matches?

From the navigation bar you can access employee matches. These are the candidates that have shown interested in your job post.

How do I contact my matches?

You simply click on the name of the match you wish to contact and that will take you to their profile. From there you will see the options to “Message,” “Save,” or “Blazeview.” If you click on “Message” you can then text your message to that candidate!

Can I delete old candidates?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is go to your saved candidates, swipe the old candidate left, and the “delete” option will be provided for you. Simply click that, and you’re good to go!

Can I delete messages?

Yes you can! You delete them the same way you delete old candidates. Just go to your “Messages” tab, swipe left on the message, and then click “delete!” It’s as simple as that.

What is Blazeview?

Blazeview is a way to “face-time” with a candidate. Want to quickly get to know a candidate before scheduling a time for them to come to your office for a full interview? By using Blazeview you can video chat with the candidate and determine if that candidate is a good match for you!


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How do I set up my profile?

You will prompted to set this up when you first log in. The app will pull your profile image directly from the social media account you signed up with. If you used your email address you will need to upload one. Provide some basic information in your “About Me” section. Employers will want to know more about you than your name and picture! Provide the sort of information you would in a cover letter. Are you hard working and time conscious? Put that down.

Can I sign in with my facebook or twitter account?

Yes, you can sign in with your Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t want to use those, you can use your email address.

Can I change my profile pic if I sign up with Facebook?

You certainly can! Simply go to “My Profile” from the Navigation Bar and click on “Upload Image.” From there you can access your gallery and upload something professional!

How can I search for job posts near me?

From the Navigation Bar you can adjust your “Search Settings.” From here you can adjust the distance you want from your location. You can also adjust your minimum pay requirements, your availability, and your preferred industry. Once you’ve put these settings into the app, you can go back to the “Home” page and view any job positions near your location.

How do I apply for a position?

Simply click on the position and then click on “I’m Interested.” This lets the employer know and able to view your profile. If you’re a good match, the employer will contact you!

Can I delete messages?

Yes, you can. Just go to your “Messages” tab from the Navigation Bar, swipe left on the message you want deleted, and the “delete” option will be provided for you.

What is Blazeview?

Blazeview is a way to “face-time” with an employer. The hiring employer may schedule a time for you to video chat with them to see if you two are a good match!

How soon will I hear back from employers?

Once you’ve shown interest in a position, the employer is notified immediately on her end of the app. She will contact you when she is next available.

Can I unapply for a position?

Yes, you can! Go to the “Favorites” tab on your Navigation Bar. Click on the job you’re no longer interested in, and then click the heart at the bottom of the screen. This will populate the “I’m Interested” bar again, and it will no longer appear in your favorites.

Can I upload my resume?

You can’t upload your resume, but you can quickly and easily enter your previous work history with just a few simple clicks!



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